Should E-Commerce Sites Open Physical Stores

Should E-Commerce Sites Open Physical Stores?

The answer is yes, if you are Warby Parker and have a developed a successful online business model. I read The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times Business Section everyday; both papers have excellent articles.  Front page of the Journal a few weeks ago was a story by Douglas MacMillan focused on Warby Parker, the popular fashion eyewear manufacturer.  The company was a startup in 2010 and only an ecommerce site until 2013 when their first store was opened in New York City. Warby Parker was new to me.  Our … [Read More...]

What the Coffee Shop can Teach Us

What the Coffee Shop can Teach Us

I love to go into a neighborhood coffee shop, stand back and observe.  Watching the interactions between regular customers and the staff behind the counter tells a wonderful story.  There are big smiles in every direction and the associates know each customer’s preferences: how the coffee should be prepared, really strong or not, little milk, half and half, natural or artificial sweeteners. The best and most important thing is that everyone knows each other’s names.  Most towns have more than one coffee house; Starbucks, … [Read More...]

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