Caring for Customers After the Sale – the Missing Step in Creating Loyalty

Caring for Customers After the Sale – the Missing Step in Creating Loyalty

Showing customers they matter after the transaction is complete is a critical step in the customer journey. It validates that you care. However, most companies miss that piece of the puzzle. In order to develop true customer loyalty, the shopping experience must be more than just a transactional exchange.  Gestures of appreciation are necessary to remind customers they are important to you. Not enough managers test their own systems by buying something from the company and seeing how they feel through the entire … [Read More...]

Invite A Customer to Return = Repeat Business

Do You Invite Your Customers to Return?

It’s human nature to be wanted.  You meet someone for the first time and have a great conversation at lunch, dinner or over coffee, the ultimate compliment is when either party says to the other, “Let’s do this again.  And let’s do it soon.” An invitation is motivating. We are hot-wired with mirror neurons to respond positively to positive, friendly requests.  Think about dating, most of us have, and we all know how important and special it feels, especially at the end of the first date to hear that it would be nice to see … [Read More...]

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