Lack of Communication Creates An Additional Malfunction

Lack of Communication Creates An Additional Malfunction

A few weeks ago there was an unfortunate incident with a United Airlines flight.  The plane left Chicago bound for London and because there was an engine malfunction, had to be diverted to Goose Bay, Canada, for repairs.  Yes, unfortunate, but add insult to injury because the passengers were treated with disrespect and disregard. When the passengers were interviewed about their experience, of course they were upset about the delays and poor accommodations, but everyone was particularly dismayed because they were kept in … [Read More...]

Wal-Mart Still Doesn't Get It

Wal-Mart Still Doesn’t Get It

On the front page of The Wall Street Journal’s Business and Tech section, June 19th, was an article, “Welcome Back, Wal-Mart Greeters” subtitled, “To deter theft, and improve its customer service, the chain is bringing back a Sam Walton invention.” Greeters are returning not only to say welcome with a smile, but also to act as “asset protection customer specialists.”  What exactly does that mean?  The Greeters are supposed to greet and make sure no one is leaving the store with any unpaid items. In other words, the … [Read More...]

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